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bastashevski-state business-exhibition view

Mohamed-Ali Illyasov

& Mohammed-Salah Illyasov

On the 11th of November, 2002, a group of armed men dragged Mohamed-Ali Illyasov, 22, and Mohammed-Salah Illyasov, 19, out of bed and threw them into an APC. They verbally assaulted the mother, Dugurkhan Illyasova, who protested the abduction, and confiscated every identification document they could find in the house. The following morning, Dugurkhan filed for an investigation at the district prosecution office, and began daily trips to neighboring law-enforcement offices, where she filed similar requests. 


On the 11th of February, 2003, a group of armed men stormed the house for the second time. They abducted Anzor Illyasov 17, the last male in the household. Dugurkhan, who had followed the transport, established that Anzor was processed at the ROVD (district department of internal affairs) in Achko-Martan. 


At the ROVD, she made a plea to Mikhail Evseev, a senior officer, to release Anzor. Evseev freed Anzor but told Dugurkhan that he was making an extraordinary exception. Mohammed-Ali and Mohammed-Salah remain missing.

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