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Leche Shapirov & Musa Shapirov

bastashevski-state business-exhibition view

On the 26th of March, 2004, approximately twenty soldiers arrived at the house of brothers Leche and Musa Shapirov in Duba-Urt, Chechnya, in APCs and an UAZ.  Leche, 21, was thrown into the APC and taken to an undisclosed location. Two weeks later, his naked body was found in a cornfield in a neighboring village. Leche's was one of eight bodies stacked together. Among the bodies was a note: “Residents of Duba Urt”. Most of Leche's ribs had been broken, one puncturing his kidney. His toes had been amputated and he had been repeatedly burnt with cigarettes. There were eight bullet wounds on his body, including one on the head. Before the burial, Musa Shapirov recorded his brother's injuries on film, hoping to use it as evidence, but the court found the tape inadmissible and the case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence and identifiable suspects. In 2010, Musa submitted the tape as evidence to the European Court of Human Rights. The court found that the Russian State had been complicit in the kidnapping and murder of Leche Shapirov, and ordered an investigation. The investigation is yet to take place.

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