A Typology of No is a tool for navigating the unstable landscapes of memory, intuition, and desire. It is a pocket map for sleepwalking along the path of uncertainty built from a thousand “Nos”, a device for deciphering which choices are within our reach, and which are not choices at all. It is a reference for virtual economy of gazes, gestures, and words, a set of directions that leads to the Holy Grail: the universal “Yes” that can only be reached by means of a wire suspended at a dizzying height between opposing magnetic poles.

Or, perhaps, it is none of these things. Perhaps it is a mere decoy that swings the body between the potentialities of the past and the future until there are no right or wrong choices, only the swaying elegance of becoming.

Dimensions 10 x 10 cm
Black text, engraved on aluminum plate, supported by two ferromagnetic panels.

©Mari Bastashevski, 2020