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Chapter II

bastashevski-state business-exhibition view

Henrich Thomet co-founded Swiss arms manufacturer Brügger & Thomet in 1991. In 2005, he sold his shares to his partner Brugger and le the company; since then he has continued brokering arms deals through Swiss-registered BT International, a family company founded more than twenty years ago.

BT International currently owns Tara Group in Montenegro. While still at Brügger & Thomet, he created Talon, an Israeli arms exporter, together with Shmuel Avivi, Israel’s defence attaché in Switzerland. Avivi was later tried and convicted of breach of trust in Israel. In 2007 Thomet brokered an arms deal in which Albania sold dated Chinese ammunition to the US. Thomet has also been tied to selling arms to Zimbabwe. Thomet has been on a US Department of State watchlist since 2006, for reasons classified by the CIA while continuing receiving contracts from the government of United States. 


View from the BT international, Reinchbach Switzerland, 2012

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