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2020 -- Ongoing




Can a virtual/augmented reality media environment serve as a space of field research for exploration and creation within speculative worlds, and, if so, can such an environment become a site of cognitive exchange between different forms of consciousness and perception (e.g. animal, human, and algorithmic); can this site of re/production then manifest a form of anticipatory art practice?



This project is a cross-disciplinary research project positioned between artistic research and media ethology. It deploys emerging visual technologies of seeing - such as VR - as a means for  world-making with the intention of exploring whether the relationship between human, other-than-human animals, and technology are transmemetic: i.e. codependent and perpetually evolving. This project aims to determine how we might conceive of such relationships and incorporate them into artistic eco-fictions that can expand, and revise the understanding of the position of humans in an expanding ecology of cognition, as well as tracing historical moments of fixing or opening up ideas of what can be human/animal/tech .

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