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Musa Akhmadov

bastashevski-state business-exhibition view

On the 6th of March, 2002, Musa Akhmadov drove to a village in the Vedeneno district to deliver his ageing father's pension. On the way back, he was stopped at a military checkpoint. His documents were confiscated, he was ordered out of the car and arrested. A relative who tried to protest was told that Musa’s name was on a list of suspected terrorists. The following morning, Akhmadov’s family managed to establish that Musa had been transported to Khankala, Russia's main military base in Chechnya. Madina Akhmadova, Musa's wife, filed an official complaint in accordance with Article 126 of the Russian Criminal Code. The investigation yielded no results and was dropped, two months later, due to a lack of evidence and identifiable suspects. Before leaving Chechnya, one of the men employed at the checkpoint confessed to the family that Musa was falsely accused and arrested by mistake. The whereabouts of Musa remain unknown.

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