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Aleskhan Pleyev

bastashevski-state business-exhibition view

On the 4th of November, 2009, the Pleyev family was gathered at home to celebrate a public holiday. At around 9 p.m., Aleskhan Pleyev, 23, received a phone call. Two minutes later fifteen to twenty-five masked men in military fatigues stormed the house and dragged Aleskhan into the street. They drove away in two government cars marked “UAZ 14” and “9 Zhiguli 15”, both without number plates. The family immediately submitted an official plea for prosecution and investigation in accordance with Article 126 of the Russian Criminal Code. The investigative committee of Ingushetia accepted the case, but their investigation yielded no results. Ingushetian President Yunus-Bek Euvkurov has publicly acquitted Aleskhan - the only instance of such an acquittal happening - but Aleskhan's whereabouts remain unknown.

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