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Chapter III

bastashevski-state business-exhibition view

Since the early 2000s Verint Israel has been providing fully equipped monitoring centers to the national security services of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. In 2012, Verint Israel gained a new contract, upgrading its decade old services to include DPI (deep packet inspection) technologies in all centers in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

In 2012, Verint Israel set up a full-service monitoring center as well as the necessary maintenance services for the government of South-Sudan. The company has provided the technology and services free of charge in exchange for a data sharing agreement that permits Verint Israel to remain on premises and access data at all times. 

Likewise in 2012, Mexico became one of the very few countries where Verint Israel has sold its OSI (Open Source Intelligence) and data mining technology to a private company, Grupo Televisa. Grupo Televisa required that all labels to be scrubbed from the products. 


Verint Israel is servicing a full monitoring center it has installed at the request of the local security services in Bahrain In 2014, Verint Israel signed a contract for a full-service monitoring center for the Government of Saudi Arabia, one of the largest contracts in Verint Israel's corporate history. 

Verint Israel's leadership has extensive ties to the Israeli national security apparatus and state-funded R&D programs. Over the years, it and its former parent, Comverse, have reportedly been the target of FBI investigations for financial miscount as well as corporate espionage in the US. Despite this, Verint has continued to work with Verizon, the FBI and the US Department of Justice

Inside Verint Israel head quarters-Herzliya, Israel 2014

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