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Chapter III

bastashevski-state business-exhibition view

Ready to use monitoring centers in Central Asia, provided by Nice Systems and Verint Israel, was a project initially focused on circuit-switched PSTN (telephone) interception, facilitating requests for metadata concerning a particular call from an individual person (known as Intercept Related Information ([IRI]) or recording of calls (Communications Content [CC]).In 2012, it expanded to provide full monitoring of online communication. The SNB (Uzbekistan National Security Agency) and KNB (Kazakhstan National Security Agency) operatives manning the station with the maintenance support of the two companies have an option to view all users communication retrospectively, collected and processed by the monitoring center passively, or switch on an active surveillance, targeting a particular user in real time.


The Uzbek National Security agency had also requested a SSL interception device. The device was put together by Netronome, a company owned by Blue Coat, at the request of Verint Israel. In 2013, the number of subscribers being targeted at any one time by IP-based interception in Uzbekistan alone was between 300 and 600 per each of the four countries telecoms, near the system maximum capacity.


SNB cafe in the police & security department district, circa 200 meters south of monitoring centre - Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 2014

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